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Robby the C-130 was brought to life by Beth Mahoney. Mrs. Mahoney has over 40 years military lifestyle, 18 years as a military child herself and 23 of which were spent as a military spouse to a United States Air Force C-130 turned C-5 Flight Engineer. Currently she continues to advocate for military families and Veterans in transition, while also owning an accessories shop, and being the Executive Editor for a parents community which focuses on educating and informing parents in the digital age, technology, and video game industry as well as including books and publications for and about children, parents, and families.

Since 2008 she’s been publishing children & family books with a focus on military family support. She Founded a non-profit organization for military children, that works closely with military officials, school Principals, and Counselors to provide better communication between schools and military families. She was a guest speaker for Arkansas Governor Beebe on military family issues, was a featured Children’s Author at the Arkansas Literary Festival, and she was a guest Author at Lockheed Martin, home of the military aircraft. Mrs. Mahoney was also award 2009 LRAFB Volunteer of the Quarter, was the founding committee chair for Month of the Military Child, and nominated National 2010 Military Spouse of the Year by CINCHouse and Military.com.

Aside from her military affiliation, Mrs. Mahoney owns a Tech Education and Computer Media company and she's a proud geek mom to three brilliant teens, two of which are Autistic. She enjoys creative minds, positive people, crafting, coffee, photography, and video games!  Mrs. Mahoney is also known by her middle name, Kat, in which she uses as a pen name for other books. You can often communicate with Mrs. Mahoney via social media via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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