Creating Robby

Just like Robby’s air crew, making the Robby the C-130 book requires a lot of different people and their talents. Read on to see our journey through creating the Robby the C-130 book, what's involved in the process and who contributes.


The Author is the person who writes and creates the story. In this case, Mrs. Mahoney is the Author of Robby the C-130. She came up with the background, story, and idea of Robby the C-130 and brought him to life through words and imagination.

Writing the story takes some creativity, starting with three steps: The beginning, the middle, and then the end. Mrs. Mahoney starts with a rough draft, revolved around a certain theme. She either creates a problem in which Robby must overcome or an environment in which Robby must explore. All of the stories will have a lesson and educational focus.


The Artist is the person who draws the pictures, colors, and digitally renders them for the book. We use a variety of different Artists for each book in order to give each one a chance to shine.

Once a story is written, the Author writes an Artist Summary which includes what each scene should consist of or focus on. This draft is then sketched and reviewed within a set timeline for approval. Once approved, the scene moves to the coloring phase and then onto the last step, the digital rendering phase. All together, these phases can take about 2-4 weeks going back and forth between the Author and the Artist, including revisions.


The Publisher and/or Printer is the person or company who puts the book together, prints, and distributes the completed product. Sometimes the Publisher can be separate from the actual Printer depending on if you use the Publisher for marketing your books or if you self publish and just need printing, but most of the time they are the same company. Robby the C-130 currently uses Amazon as our Publisher and Printer because they also sell the books for us.



In the end many people have taken great pride in creating Robby the C-130 and bringing him to your homes. We hope that you will continue to enjoy Robby and pass his stories down to the next generation.

We would also like to send a big THANK YOU out to Lockheed Martin for creating the real C-130!