Robby the C-130 is an adorable cartoon figure of Lockheed Martin’s C-130 cargo plane created by Beth Mahoney.

Robby is on a mission to help ease worry, anxiety, and depression in our military children and their families. He is a true American icon that connects our military children with their social, emotional, and educational needs. 

Mrs. Mahoney created Robby the C-130 to help teach her own children about deployment and family separation while at the same time easing the fears that her Autistic children worried about on a daily basis.

What is Robby doing right now?

Robby shares his stories of being away from his family and how he copes with his emotions. In each book Robby learns new things, meets new people, and discovers new places while keeping your child entertained. Robby is guaranteed to get your child talking, communicating, and sharing.

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